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Monday, May 21, 2018
Public Service Commission

Information Technology is an important and rapidly evolving part of our work environment at Government of Saskatchewan.

As a responsible, accountable and secure public service, we must protect our data from risks by strengthening our IT security awareness and following IT security policies and standards.

Get Educated

Government has an IT security program in place to protect its systems and data. Learn about Government of Saskatchewan’s IT security program through this infographic.

Understand your responsibilities and the practices we all must follow to keep our systems safe with this tip sheet, handbook and educational quiz. There are also security tip posters available for you to post around the office. You can access them at the bottom of this page.

Managers are invited to share this PowerPoint presentation with their staff. This speaking notes document is available for managers to use in delivering this presentation to their staff.

Manage Employee Access

If you manage any staff, it’s your responsibility to ensure their access changes to correspond with any change in their role.

Whether or not your staff take a temporary or permanent leave, or simply change to a new role within the ministry, you are responsible to submit an IT Service Request to the IT division of Central Services notifying them of the need to change or remove the employee’s access five days before the change takes effect.

You might also like to know that manager checklists exist to help you manage the processes related to onboarding, off-boarding and leaves of absence.

Know the Policies

Government has an Information Security policy. Users are bound by this policy, and should understand and abide by it. Also, government’s IT Acceptable Usage policy is the main IT policy that applies to users. In addition, government has a Social Media policy that governs Government’s employee use of social media, be it for government business or personal use.

Links to Services

Services mentioned in the IT Security Handbook, like remote access to Government’s network, or password protected, encrypted USB flash drives, can be found in the IT Service Catalogue.

Contact Your Ministry Security Officer

Ministry Security Officers exist across Government, and are there to help you with matters related to IT security.

Safeguard Sensitive Data within Your IT Initiative

For new and modified information systems a Statement of Sensitivity must be prepared to identify the confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements. A Threat and Risk Assessment must be conducted to determine the appropriate security controls to safeguard sensitive government information assets.

To assess the Privacy and Records Management requirements in your project, you may use this form.

Application Developers must be aware of the government's Security Coding Guidelines.

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