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Monday, March 25, 2019
Public Service Commission

Government receives more than 62,000 job applications each year.

The Public Service Commission is committed to an enterprise approach to learning for all Government of Saskatchewan employees through all stages of their career. Training is available for new employees to help them learn the ins and outs of government, for aspiring managers looking to develop skills that will help them advance, for current supervisors wanting to improve their managerial skills, or for anyone wanting to improve their basic computer skills.

Training is available online, through scheduled workshops and other venues. We encourage you to check out the opportunities currently available and to come back often for information on new programs as the become available.

The Enterprise Learning Management system offers self-serve training opportunities. The overview explains some of the new services and features.

A varierty of professional development workshops are available throughout the year that may be of interest to you. Dates and times are available in the Learning and Development catalogue.

Training on Microsoft software products is available to all Government of Saskatchewan employees. These online training courses are provided free of charge.

The Public Service Commission and the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School are partnering to provide Executive and Policy Workshops to public service employees.

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