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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Find Your Perfect Mentoring Match

Are you experienced in your career, and do you want to share your wisdom?

Are you ready to stretch your career, and looking for a guide?

We have over a hundred mentors and mentees, ready to join your quest to self-awareness, professional development, and career success.

The Corporate Mentorship Program

The Corporate Mentorship Program provides career and professional development support to public service employees, and enhances leadership at all levels of the public service.

What is Mentorship?

Mentoring is a partnership. It is experienced employees helping those looking to expand their knowledge. A mentor is a trusted role model, and sounding board, eager to share knowledge and provide guidance.

While mentees benefit from the direction and support provided by mentors, it’s not just a one way street. Mentors also benefit from the opportunity by:

  • Enhancing their leadership and inter-personal skills.
  • Getting a fresh perspective by working with people from different contexts and backgrounds.
  • Expanding their professional knowledge beyond their area of expertise.
  • Networking beyond their ministry or division.

A mentor can also benefit by learning about the experiences of youth employees, or employees belonging to a diversity group. Mentors can gain wisdom from these employees’ experiences that can enhance their leadership. Mentees can develop a better understanding of government and share their own expertise.

Am I Eligible?

All Government of Saskatchewan employees can become mentees with the approval of your immediate supervisor. All out-of-scope employees and in-scope employees level 10 and above are welcome to become mentors, also with approval from immediate supervisors. Deputy Ministers are also encouraged to participate, no permissions required!

How Do I Apply?

1.  Consider your goals and objectives for a mentoring partnership, referring to the Government of Saskatchewan’s leadership competencies;

2.  Discuss the benefits of mentorship to your learning and development needs with your immediate supervisor and get your approval form signed;

3.  Sign up for an account on by filling out your profile.  Be sure to upload your approval form to your on-line profile;

4.  There may be a waiting period, while you are matched with your ideal mentor or mentee.  In the meantime, begin populating your mentorship action plan and once complete, upload this document onto your on-line profile;

5.  Once you are matched with a mentor or mentee, you will receive a confirmation email with information on next steps.

Diversity/Youth Reciprocal Mentoring

Mentors may be interested in requesting a partnership with a mentee who is from a diversity group or who is a youth (i.e. under 30). This option provides an opportunity for two-way learning. The partnership provides a forum for mentors to gain understanding of the experiences and perspectives of diversity or youth employees and for the employee(s) to develop a better understanding of government, remain engaged in the workplace, and share their expertise.


Find out what's in store for you when you join the program, by checking out these personal mentorship program stories.


If you have any questions about participating in the program, please contact:

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