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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Government purchases environmentally-friendly vehicles that are hybrid or in the top 20 per cent fuel efficiency in their class.

To bring employees’ desktops up-to-date and ensure that their machines are fully supported, the IT division of Central Services is rolling Windows 7 out to all desktops across government. The project is nearing completion and should wrap up by fall 2015.


New features of the operating system include:

  • A modernized interface
  • Office 2010
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • An enhanced taskbar
  • Faster search capabilities
  • Improved capabilities for future upgrades
  • Faster start-up times

Special applications

Discussion will take place between ministries and the IT division to mutually agree on the best course of action for their untested, special applications.

What do users need to do?

The IT division is asking that users save any files on their desktop to the network drives before their upgrades. Users who believe they require local administrator rights will also need to submit a new service request after receiving Windows 7.

The IT division will generally notify ministries and staff four weeks before the upgrades take place. In cases where ministries have agreed to an accelerated rollout, users will receive one week’s notice. Most upgrades will take up to an hour to complete. If there are complications, upgrades could take up to four or six hours to complete. Like any major IT change, it may take a day or two for users to become accustomed to the new system. The IT division recommends that users plan for downtime during their scheduled upgrade time, and arrange for other tasks or use other government devices to complete their work.

Upgrades will either occur during or outside of work hours. In some cases users’ hardware will remain the same and Windows 7 will be installed remotely overnight, and in some cases the hardware will be replaced with a new machine. This depends on whether their machine is outdated or cannot run Windows 7.

All local administrator rights will be eliminated. New requests for local administrator rights will be evaluated case-by-case, and will only be granted in special circumstances.

Users should report any issues with their systems as soon as possible by calling the IT service desk at 306-787-5000. Support staff will be on-site to support users following upgrades.

Learning opportunities

With Office 2010 coming bundled with Windows 7, online user guides and tutorials for Office 2010 products are available free of charge to Saskatchewan government employees. To find out how you can set up access to your Microsoft training programs, or if you have any questions, e-mail

Users can also learn some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Windows 7 by reading the Getting Around the Desktop User Guide and Standard Applications User Guide provided by Microsoft. The new functions of Windows 7 highlighted in the Standard Applications User Guide (including file extraction, CD/DVD writing and media playback) may replace applications that were previously used for those functions.

Laptop users

Before receiving the upgrades, laptop users should leave their laptops plugged in and turned on. They should also ensure that the laptop is connected to the network by physical wire.

After the upgrades, laptop users will need to reconnect to the government network remotely by following the Remote Network Connection Guide. They will also need to enter their username and password twice on the first login — once to log in to the government network and once to log in to McAfee Endpoint Encryption. After this initial login, employees will only need to enter their username and password once.

Rollout plan

A rollout plan is underway and the IT division will let you know in advance when our teams will visit your workplace.

For more information

For more information about the Windows 7 upgrades, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) sheet, and learn how to get started with your new Windows 7 desktop.

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